About Us

Who is behind the Academy?

Tryton Academy is run by KOPEN SOFTWARE a Spanish private company focused on providing Tryton services like training, implementation, design, hosting and development. We are 100% dedicated to Tryton, having a big expertice on the Project.

Why we started the Academy?

We discovered that some Tryton users did not know all the features that they have available. After performing some training to several customers we decided to make all this knowledge available to a weider audience. That made us launch the TrytonAcademy, where anyone in the world can learn all the features available on Tryton.

Why choose us?

We are engaged with the Tryton community. Our team is very active on the forum and we are always contributing as much as possible to the Tryton development. This allows to have an always updated knowledge about Tryton.

Focused on Quality

The Tryton project prefers having quality over quantity. We want to respect this principles on The TrytonAcademy. We are focused on giving on demanand quality traning.

Do you want to know more?

Lets meet by videochat. Contact us to schedule yours.